You Can Find Affiliate Marketing Information Anywhere…

What You Really Need Is Step-By-Step Instructions That You Can Actually Use!

The above is part of an email I received from an angry visitor to my blog.

Yes, I am different!

…and my Private Email Coaching Service is different from other internet marketers email lists.

It’s not for everyone…

Before you reject the idea of paying to be on an email list though…

peopleHere are a few questions you may want to think about:

How many Internet Marketing email lists are you on already?

How many emails do you get every week from different marketers?

How much money have you made from being subscribed to those email lists?

If you are like most people who are trying to make money online the answer is probably:



“Not very much”

Why do you think that is?

I will tell you, and it might make you angry…

duckTo most Internet Marketers you are nothing but a “sitting duck”.

You are just an email in their email follow-up sequence. Your sole purpose is to earn them affiliate commissions.

This is how it works:

They give you a freebie of (usually a free report), which is nothing but a “bribe” to get you to give them your email address.

Sometimes the report contains valuable information on a topic that you are interested in, but frequently it’s poor PLR report that offers nothing more than another sales pitch.

This is a strategy used by many email marketers.

It’s known as:

Give the subscriber (i.e. “sitting duck”) a free report on WHAT he should do and then SELL the information on HOW to do it.

Once you have subscribed you are just another revenue stream to these marketers

You will be bombarded with info marketing products that either they created, or that they are trying to sell you for an affiliate commission.

They even put a dollar value on your “worth”. It can vary a lot but it’s often quoted as around $1 per subscriber per month.

enHow is that possible when it was free to sign-up and the report you received was free?

The email marketer will get his $12/year from you in different ways.

There will usually be an autoresponder sequence with emails selling different “products” that have been created for the sole purpose of marketing to the list.

These are often PLR reports that offer little or no value to you.

Sometimes these products DO offer value, but it’s usually not what you need at the time, in order to build an online business.

But the sales pitch is so good that you can’t resist buying them…

They will also pitch various information marketing products, software and tools from other marketers to you, in return for an affiliate commission on anything you buy.

Some of these products are good, but frequently the main interest from the email marketers point of view is:

1. “How much is the affiliate commission?”

2. “What is the conversion rate if I “pre-sell” the product and send the offer to my list?”

Maybe you will argue that this doesn’t apply to you. You never buy anything from these marketers anyway, right?

You see their offers, but you are “immune” to them. You only buy products that you have researched yourself, and you only buy them because you need them.

That DOESN’T mean it’s free to be on these types of email lists though…question

These emails are still costing you two of the most valuable things you have:


Most successful email marketers will combine emails that pitch affiliate products, or stuff that they created to sell to their list with quality content emails “sprinkled in” throughout their autoresponder sequence.

The content emails often actually contain valuable tips on how to run a successful online business.

The problem is that you never really know WHICH emails are a sales pitch and WHICH ones offer good advice. So you end up reading all of them, wasting precious time and focus looking at sales letters for products that you really don’t need.

I want to make it clear that I don’t think there is anything wrong with what these email marketers are doing.

There is nothing inherently “evil” or bad about pitching affiliate products to your subscribers, as long as it’s quality products that you use yourself and find valuable.

The problem is that these marketers don’t help you build a successful online business!

More often than not… they leave you overwhelmed with information


and with more


than you know what to do with!

And it all originates in this skewed value exchange where you give up your email address in return for some free gift that looked useful.

By entering this relationship you are declaring that you put little or no value on your time, and if YOU don’t value your time then no one else will either…

So what’s the solution?

What I do is charge my subscribers up-front instead of trying to sneak in affiliate promotions at every single opportunity.

It’s only a few bucks per month but it allows me to write my emails with YOUR benefit in mind rather than trying to figure out ways to maximize my revenue by pitching a never ending stream of affiliate products to you.

Often email marketers will use the “3 mail sales pitch” when trying to sell you something

problemIn the first two emails they will point out a “problem” to you.

They will do everything they can to make this problem appear as large as possible.

It may not even be a problem that you are currently facing in your business, but once you have read those two emails it will sure feel like it is!

Then in the 3rd email they will offer you a solution in the form of a software or report that will immediately and easily solve this problem for you.

You probably don’t even recognize it as a sales pitch until the third email when they offer you “the solution”, to the problem that has been described in the previous emails.

This is a very effective email marketing strategy.

…but it makes it hard for the subscriber to know if a recommendation is trustworthy or not.

Especially for someone who is new to Internet Marketing.

You may therefore end up on one of the two extremes:

Either you end up buying every product that is put in front of you in the hope of finding “the golden ticket” that is going to make you rich.


You might end up feeling deceived and believing that all Internet Marketers are nothing more than snake oil salesmen, and nothing they tell you is true.

Either one of these two extremes will be detrimental to your business!

By charging a small monthly cost up-front I have solved all of these problems for my subscribers.

I don’t need to rely on affiliate commissions to make it worthwhile spending time and giving advice to my email subscribers.

When members of my Premium Email Coaching receive an email from me there are 3 main benefits:

If there is a product recommendation in one of my emails my subscribers know that it’s NOT based on how much affiliate commission I will receive, but rather on the fact that it’s something they are likely to need, and something that I highly recommend.

They know that the problems and solutions I discuss are not part of some elaborate sales pitch, but real issues that I am trying to help them solve for them to become more successful.

Lastly, however small the amount is, the simple fact that the members of my Premium Email Coaching service pay something to be on my list makes them value my advice higher than something that is free. This in turn makes them more likely to follow through on my advice, rather than hesitating, unsure if the advice is genuinely in your best interest.

So, I am not going to try and bribe you to get your email address..

The reality is this

If you can’t afford a few bucks a month, or if you are hesitant about paying to be on my list, then this offer is not for you.

I said it before, and I really mean it!

This is NOT for everyone!

However, if you are determined to make money online and you are willing to follow my advice then I might be able to help you.

But you have to be committed.

The people who subscribe to my Premium Email Coaching are usually serious about their online business and they value the independent and impartial advice I offer much higher than the few bucks per month it costs.

If that’s not you, there is no shame in that and I completely understand.

Feel free to continue reading my blog or continue on whatever path you are on. We are all different and we look for different things.

So who am I and why should you listen to me?

My name is Rob Rider…family

I’m 43 years old and I’m a family man.

I live in a beautiful part of rural Britain with my wife Rebecca, my kids Jonathon (11) and Alfred (10), and our chocolate Labrador, Bruno.

I want to explain why, when it comes to Internet marketing and online business, you can trust the advice and direction I give you.

I have been doing online marketing full-time since 1999.

A long time…

In that time, I’ve sold a lot of products, both as an affiliate AND as a merchant. I have even created and/or re-branded physical products for some of my web sites.

Here are just some of the niches I’ve been involved in during the last decade:

> contact lenses/glasses

> nutritional supplements

> personal loans

> debt advice

> insurance products

> online casinos

> Kindle books

> arbitrage and sportsbetting

> business directories

> informational products

> dating sites

> diving equipment

> pet products

> baby products

I’ve sold tens of millions worth of products and tallying things up, since I started marketing online more than a decade ago, I’ve made over US $6 million in profits.

That’s net profit AFTER taxes…

You might not believe that, or think I am exaggerating.

That’s ok.

Here is a picture from my office desk


I took this picture after I brought home one of my security deposit boxes from the bank. I wanted to offer some more “real” proof of my success, rather than the Clickbank screenshots that you may be used to seeing (and doubting if they are actually real).

Here are a few pictures of one of my properties. This is a villa that I built on a horse farm where I kept my race horses. I use to have more than 20 race horses. I don’t have many left anymore, but I hope you understand that I am The Real Deal…


You may believe me or not, and as I said before this is not for everyone.

All I ask right now is this: Can you give me the benefit of doubt?

If you’re willing to do that, I am confident that you will come to realize one thing about me.

When it comes to making money online, I DO know what I’m talking about…

…and if you decide to sign up to my Premium Email Coaching I want to share my knowledge with you!


It’s true that some of the “gurus” offering these type of solutions have made a lot of money online, but many have made it by selling various “get rich quick” products that they have never even used themselves.

I, on the other hand, have generated tens of millions in sales by marketing REAL products and services online.

Not for other clients, but for myself.

I know what works, and I want to share my knowledge with you.

The Internet Lifestyle

What I love most about the “Internet Lifestyle” is the time freedom that it provides. It allows me to spend time with my family and to do the things I enjoy in life.

I can afford to take a few weeks holiday to go on cruise in the Caribbean with my family whenever I want to, or I can take a week to go diving with friends in Thailand.

Last year I spent about a month in Thailand at a Thai boxing camp to try and lose some weight and get a bit fitter, (here is a short clip of me from the training camp…)

  • play

When I’m away for a longer period of time, all I need for my business to keep bringing in fresh money is my laptop and an Internet connection…

I usually don’t have to spend more than a few hours per week in front of the computer to run my business. The thing is though, I actually enjoy my work and so I tend to work a lot more than that!

I am sure as you develop your own online business, you’ll learn to love the internet lifestyle as well!

You’ll look forward to turning on your computer in the morning. Not just to see how much money you made since you last logged on, (although I have to agree that part is great! …but also because you will actually enjoy the work you do to make money.

So what can you expect from me if you sign-up to my Premium Email Coaching?

1. My Roadmap To Financial Freedom

I will outline the exact methods and techniques I have used to generate millions of dollars in profits over the last decade.

I will outline the 5 main techniques that I recommend for anyone who wants to start a successful online business. There are of course many ways to make money online, but I only recommend these 5 as they are proven to work and have personally made me the most money.

2. Direct Email Access To A Multimillionaire

All the emails and advice you get in the Premium Email Coaching is personally written by me, and could be sold as seperate training at a much higher price.

Although at $4/month I naturally won’t be at your beck and call 24/7, I DO try to answer all the questions from my Premium Email Coaching members, and even give individual advice and reviews of their websites whenever I can.


You can expect 1-3 value-packed emails per week, (perhaps a bit more in the beginning).

In these emails, I will share with you some cool stuff. Tips, tricks, and training that you can use to help you make-money and grow your own online business.

What you won’t get from me is a daily barrage of spammy promotional offers selling you someone else’s junk through my affiliate link.

As I mentioned before, if you are not yet successful online the overwhelming amount of information, and a lack of clear direction is probably the main reasons you are not yet making money.

In order to make their average $1/month per subscriber all those gurus that are sending you daily emails HAVE to get you to buy more stuff via their affiliate links, because that’s the only way they make money from their email list.


If you see me recommend a product, any product, you will instantly know that the only reason I’m doing so is because I believe it’s a product that will help you make more money online.

It’s not because we are getting closer to the end of the month and I have to “fill my email sales quota” to reach my $1/month per

All that said, I *WILL* recommend other people’s products to you, and I may even earn the occasional affiliate commission on some of them, but that is NEVER the reason I recommend something to you.

With my experience and track record, I’d be doing you a major injustice if I didn’t show you the best tools to use, and the ones that I use myself.

I know what works, and if you read my emails you will too.

Please understand this one thing though.

It’s important!


I am going to provide you with enough information via this email subscription to help you build your own online business. Nothing else is required from you.

Let me tell you something else that’s important…

There are lots of different ways to make money online and we will discuss several of them in the coming weeks and months.
Whichever path you decide to take I hope to be able to give you good advice on how to grow your business and make more money.


I am not going to go into a long sales pitch about how I could charge $97 per month or $47 but that I have decided to discount this especially for you only during the next 4 hours…smile


What about crazy guarantees and 100% refund policies?


Either you are willing to risk $4 bucks to try me out for a month, (you can of course cancel at any time you want), or this offer is
probably not for you.

If you do sign-up and you don’t think I’m offering amazing value at $4/month I will be happy to refund your money, but to be honest if you if you are already worried about how you are going to get a refund for your 4 bucks it is probably better you stay
subscribed to the marketers that will “bribe” you to get you on their list…

I also reserve the right to “fire you” from my email list if we don’t get along, but if that were to happen I will refund you in full.

Sound good to you?

Just the fact that you are still reading this shows that you have the right attitude and that you are ready to take action…

…and that’s a BIG DEAL, trust me!

So thanks for reading this admittedly rather long letter. I wanted things to be clear so we can get started on the right foot together.

I am NOT going to put some silly countdown clock or timer and tell you that if you don’t order in the next “17 hours”, you will never get in and forever fail to make money online…

Instead, let me give you the honest truth!

Answering questions from members takes time and I am a very busy man… I always try to answer most questions from my Premium Email Coaching members, but if this starts to take more time than expected I might close this offer at any time and without notice.

If you want to be sure to secure your spot, you need to act right NOW!