Who Is Rob Rider?


My name is Rob Rider…

I’m 43 years old and I’m a family man. I live in a beautiful part of rural Britain with my wife Rebecca, my kids Jonathon (11) and Alfred (10), and our chocolate Labrador, Bruno.


I want to explain why, when it comes to Internet marketing and online business, you can trust the advice and direction I give you. I have been doing online marketing full-time since 1999. A long time… In that time, I’ve sold a lot of products, both as an affiliate AND as a merchant. I have even created and/or re-branded physical products for some of my web sites.

Here are just some of the niches I’ve been involved in during the last decade:
> contact lenses/glasses > nutritional supplements > personal loans > debt advice > insurance products > online casinos > Kindle books > arbitrage and sportsbetting > business directories > informational products > dating sites

I’ve sold tens of millions worth of products and tallying things up, since I started marketing online more than a decade ago, I’ve made over US $6 million in profits.

That’s net profit AFTER taxes…

You might not believe that, or think I am exaggerating. That’s ok.

Here is a picture from my office desk

I took this picture after I brought home one of my security deposit boxes from the bank. I wanted to offer some more “real” proof of my success, rather than the Clickbank screenshots that you may be used to seeing (and doubting if they are actually real). Here are a few pictures of one of my properties. This is a villa that I built on a horse farm where I kept my race horses. I use to have more than 20 race horses. I don’t have many left anymore, but I hope you understand that I am The Real Deal…
The advice and services I offer here on RobertRider.com, to my Premium Email Coaching subscribers and my VIP Members are NOT suitable for everyone. My VIP Membership is a pretty big financial commitment for most people, and it's really only for those of you who are truly committed to making money online. Those who are really willing to invest in themselves and their online business…

My Premium Email Coaching though is so inexpensive that pretty much anyone can afford it, and it is a very good alternative if you are not sure how to get started with your online business.

But even if you are not interested in my paid services I really hope you get some value out of my blog, and if you do please hook up with me on Facebook and Twitter so we can keep in touch! Whatever you decide to do I really appreciate you stopping by here on my blog, and I wish you the BEST of luck in building your online business and in turning all your dreams into reality!

Remember that almost anything we want in life is possible if we really commit to it!