Maximize Your Sales With A Killer Autoresponder Sequence

autoresponder-sequenceCustomers are becoming increasingly clever, so finding new ways to meet their needs and keeping them attracted to your brand and buying your products has become a must. One of the easiest ways to do this is with an email autoresponder sequence.

Is Email Marketing Really That Important?

Yeah, it is!

According to recent marketing surveys, 70% of customers have used a coupon or taken advantage of a discount promoted in an email. Moreover, 8 out of 10 consumers have agreed to receive regular emails from sources that interest them. These studies also show that 9 out 10 Internet users check their email on a daily basis. Email is the most cost effective and reliable marketing tool in your arsenal.

So what exactly is an email autoresponder?

An autoresponder sequence is a series of pre-written emails that you set up in advance that are sent to subscribers or customers automatically after they opt-in, sign up or make a purchase on your website.

They are one of the best ways to continue to provide value, make sales, build relationships, and stay in the mind of your customers long after they left your site.

An autoresponder sequence is a beautiful thing because it allows you to leverage software from a third party company like Aweber or Getresponse to automate most of your emails. This in turn will help create a stronger, better brand experiences with your subscribers and customers.

Just check out this 1 minute video and you’ll understand:

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With an autoresponder email sequence, you do the work only once when you create it, then you put it on autopilot and it will continue to do its magic over and over again, automatically, for every new customer or subscriber to your email list.

With the tiny financial investment in Aweber or Getresponse and a one-off investment in time you can continue to sell to your customers for years to come without having to lift another finger, by using an autoresponder campaign.

Designing an Autoresponder Sequence – It Sounds Hard?

Creating an autoresponder sequence may sounds intimidating, complicated and time-consuming, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be such a daunting task.

Besides I’m here to help! 🙂

Let’s just get started and come up with the first few emails at least:

monitor screenEMAIL 1: Receipt after purchase – Subscription confirmation

If it’s a new customer that has actually bought something from you, the first email should be the receipt of purchase, including any details on how to login to your members area or access their product purchase. If you are selling a physical product give them some information about your normal shipping terms and details on the best way to get in touch if they have concerns.

If it’s not a customer who has purchased something from you, but rather signed up to get more information from you the first email should be a thank you email, confirming their sign-up. In this email it’s also really useful to give them some more information both on how often you will be sending them emails and how they can easily unsubscribe from your list with a single click at the bottom of every email they get from you. This avoids a lot of spam complaints from people that may have forgotten that they signed up to your list.

EMAIL 2: Let’s Get Started!

The next email sent is the “Let’s get started” email. In this email I suggest you include a link to the download page where they can download your free report, (assuming that is what you offered them to sign-up with you). If you word this email right it will also be suitable to send out to customers who purchased something from you, just make sure it all makes sense to them. You might also want to invite them to follow you on Facebook or other social media in this email. When you ask someone to follow you, don’t use that wording. You will have a much better success rate if you ask them something like: “Join your peers at our Facebook community” rather than just asking them to “follow you”.

EMAIL 3: Remind Them of Benefits

ClifhangerThis email should arrive a day or two later and gently remind them to download your free report or whatever you gave them with another link to the download page. You would be surprised how many people that are actually interested in your content, but got distracted or for some other reason missed your first two emails.

Include some reminders of the benefits they will get from downloading your content and what they can expect if they follow your advice.

Give them some “cliffhanger” teasers about other freebies or great advice that they can expect from you in your next few emails. This will keep them keen and interested, and will improve opening rates on future emails.

EMAIL 4: More Tips For Success

In this email you want to reinforce the idea that signing up or buying from you was a brilliant idea, and the best way to do that is to make sure that they either use your product or follow the advice in your free report.

One good way to help them out with this is to share even more “insider tips and tricks and give them more information on how to get the best out of your product or report.

It’s also a great idea to share success stories from others who were in their situation but are now much better off thanks to your product, service or advice.

bonusesEMAIL 5: Unannounced Bonus

In this email you will want to surprise your customers/subscribers with an unannounced bonus. Everyone loves a surprise and if it’s a valuable freebie you are giving them, they will be grateful and more likely to reciprocate by purchasing other products from you in the future.

Make sure that this product or report you are giving them is equally valuable to their original purchase or free report. Preferably something even more in-depth or detailed on a similar subject to what they got from you earlier.

The idea of this email is to make them even happier to be on your list, even if they haven’t yet taken action on your advice or product, at least they know that you will keep providing them with valuable information.

EMAIL 6: First Upsell

In this email you introduce a soft upsell for one of your other products, or perhaps your main product if they subscribed and got your free report. Remind them that if they liked your first product or report they will absolutely love what you are going to offer them now.

Give them a special offer or deal that is based on the fact that they have already put their trust in you by subscribing or purchasing from you. Make sure that this is genuine discount that they can’t easily find elsewhere on your website.

Again, using social proof in the form of one or two testimonials is one of the best ways to close the deal, just make sure that they are genuine and real.

I don’t advice you to use any high-pressure sales tactic such a short time limit in order to get the discount. You can say something general like that you reserve the right to remove this special offer, but don’t push them around.

EMAIL 7: Ask For a Testimonial

We are all affected by social proof, and as long as its genuine you can never have too many positive testimonials!

The easiest way to get testimonials is to ask for them. You don’t need to make this a formal request for a testimonial at this stage. What you do is simply ask them a question like: “I would love to hear how you are getting along with my product/free report, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

This proves that you are a genuine person who cares about their success with your product/advice, and the more connected they are with you the more likely they are to stay loyal to you.

When you do get positive comments back, simply thank them and ask if they will let you use it as a testimonial on your website, in return for a link to them. You can also offer them something extra as a thank you, but I prefer to do this after they have actually said yes.

Here are some genuine video testimonials for Aweber.

EMAIL 8-50: Mix Quality Content With Sales Messages

After your initial 7-email sequence ends, which normally takes 14-21 days from the first day your new customer/subscriber signed up, you just continue to maintain the relationship that you have established with your customers/subscribers.

Continue to engage with your customers and ask them if they need any help or advice and blend in high-quality content with sales messages for your own products or affiliate products that you think would be helpful to them.

trust-help-customersOnly promote things that are likely to help them, and don’t ruin your credibility by pushing the sales messages too hard.

If you struck the balance right in your first 7 emails you will find that a lot of people now trust you, and some might even think of you as “a close friend”, assuming that you shared at least a few personal details about yourself in your emails.

Your subscribers will reciprocate your generosity and good advice by buying products you recommend them, and you will find that you have now created a perpetual sales machine that will continue to make you money for years to come without you having to do any more work! 🙂

The easiest way to get started right now is to sign-up with Aweber or Getresponse, the two market leaders in email autoresponders. Both are super simple to use and you can have your first campaign set-up in less than an hour from now.

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